Millennials on the move- younger generation job hopping more than ever

Millennials on the move- younger generation job hopping more than ever

A new poll of more than 2000 workers in the UK has found that almost a third of 18-34 year olds have already had more than five jobs.

According to the study, the average millennial is more prepared to switch jobs than older generations, having had on average 3.4 jobs, with 28% of them having had more than five jobs,

Whilst the older generation is known for remaining in a career for longer periods of time- an average of 5.9 different careers is reported for those for those in the 55+ bracket- the younger generation is actively seeking diverse careers, often across multiple sectors.

Of those jumping between industries, the study found that 64% of under 35s wanted to move sectors, compared to just 39% for those aged 35-55.

And on choosing a new role, motivations varied between the age groups, with salary more of a priority for over 55’s-with 83% citing it as a top three motivation for switching roles-than millennials at 67%.

Women were more likely to look for roles with flexible working (46%) than men (29%, whilst men were more likely to prioritise career progression than women (23% compared to 15%).

Whilst past generations would call millennials’ willingness to chop and change roles ‘job hopping’, the younger generation sees it instead as an opportunity to develop skills, try something new and drive their own learning and self-development before becoming established in their careers.

Rob Shaw, Managing Director at Glu Recruit said: “The way in which the younger generation begin their careers is very different to that of the older generation.

“More and more millennials are developing varied skill-sets by taking on diverse roles in multiple sectors at the beginning of their professional careers, whereas in the past many people would remain in the same post, or company for years, or sometimes decades.

“Whilst in the past, many people would be critical of so-called ‘job hopping’, now it’s becoming the norm as many young people find their feet, hone their skills and settle in their careers.

“What’s more, it is a much more competitive job market than in the past, meaning that a diverse professional track record is oftentimes necessary to attract top employers.

“For anyone who is considering a move, or looking for the next rung on their career ladder, get in touch. We can help you find the right fit.”

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