New Year, New Job?

Tis the season to… prepare for the New Year job rush!

New Year, New Job?

January is typically a mad rush when it comes to job hunting. Businesses will be planning to freshen their team, move in new directions, and create new roles, and candidates will be using the Christmas break to assess their career options.

But why wait until January? If your current role isn’t giving you that Christmas feeling any more and you have exhausted all your options of staying in your job, why not get a head start on your competition and start preparing for your job search now?

Here’s a few pointers on how to steal a march…

  1. Decide what you want

What is your job search criteria? Spend some time deciding what you want out a new role.

Do you want full time, part time, hybrid, or remote working? What industry do you want to work in? What is your expected salary? What benefits are important to you?

Making a realistic decision on these questions can help shape your search and match you with potential employers.

  1. Get your CV up to date

We have many tips on how to create an eye catching CV on our website, but here’s a few essentials:

  • Make sure your CV is no longer than 2-3 sides of A4
  • Include your full name, contact email, address, and mobile number at the top of your CV
  • Start with a brief introduction to yourself – keep it simple and highlight specific skills the job advert mentions. Employers will scan this first so make sure it stands out!
  • Highlight your key career achievements
  • Include your work experience, starting with your most recent role. Make sure you include dates, employer names and your job titles. Use bullet points to highlight your key responsibilities and transferable skills!
  • Highlight your skills and achievements and relate them to the job description
  • Add your education, but keep it brief to your grades and subject titles
  • Let your personality shine! Who are you? What do you enjoy doing? Show that you are an interesting person who could bring a new dynamic to the business and the team!
  • Include your references. Available on request is pretty standard and fine if you don’t want to name anyone specifically, however, consider including specific requests from past employers
  • Ensure your CV is formatted and readable – no crazy fonts, size 10-12 text and use headings
  1. Write an engaging cover letter

Your cover letter is a great way to highlight your interest in the role and demonstrate your suitability to separate you from other applicants. It’s important that it’s personal to you and shows the prospective employer your specific skills and experience that make you the perfect candidate for the job.

A well written cover letter will help secure interviews, even if at times your CV lacks experience. It’s your opportunity to impress an employer and make a positive impact before they even get to your CV.

  1. Speak to an expert

That’s where Glu Recruit come in! We only work with employers and candidates who we know and can advise properly. After all, this is your job we’re talking about!

Our recruitment consultants are fully committed to helping our candidates find their dream roles. Contact us today on 0114 321 1873 or to see how we can help kickstart your job search in 2022.

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