5 reasons why December is a great month to recruit

5 reasons why December is a great month to recruit

If you have a current vacancy in your team, why leave it until the New Year to recruit? Perhaps you think that December is the wrong month to recruit because business traditionally quietens down. Maybe the focus in the office is the Christmas party and who’s buying your secret santa and generally it’s a gear down from more normal months.

If you’re a recruiting Manager, December should be viewed as a golden opportunity. It is a prime recruiting month for many as employed candidates have more free time to consider a new job due to their own reduced workloads. It’s also a time when many are re-evaluating their current job, prospects and planning for the future.

Here are 5 of the best reasons why December is a great month to recruit!

1 – Reduced recruiting competition

Some budgets run out in December and poor planning may mean that recruitment stops until the New Year. Also, it can be a time where employees take more time off for Christmas shopping, days out and so working on skeleton staff means that some don’t have the time to recruit. You can capitalise on less competition by making December the month you choose to find your next employee

2 – More opportunity to correctly induct your new starter

New employees who are correctly invested in with a clear and concise induction programme are 70% more likely to stay in that company for up to 3 years. Use the quieter time in December to invest in your new employee. Make them your December project so that they can be correctly tooled up to do the job efficiently

3 – Candidates are trained and ready to start work in January

After spending December training, inducting and investing in your new employee they will be raring and ready to go when you return in January. Compared to others who are just beginning their process. This will be in an extremely competitive marketplace this is your chance to get ahead.

4 – Candidates are more accessible and have increased flexibility for interviews

December is the easiest month to find an acceptable excuse to leave the office. This is because so many employees routinely leave the office for a few hours using reasons like shopping, running errands, and Christmas parties. Because bosses are so accepting of excuses at this quieter time of year, it is relatively easy for candidates to get in the office a bit later, leave a bit earlier, or take an extended lunch so that they can attend your interview. They’re often more contactable by phone and email too whilst business quietens down and spirits are merry

5 – You can engage them in the festivities

Part of the induction process should include getting to know your new employee outside of work. What better chance at your Christmas party? It’s a time when everyone is at a high and will be welcoming of your newbie. It helps form bonds by learning about what their life is like outside of work. What they eat, drink and do in their spare time (and if they’re into cheesy dancefloor classics). There also can be office games in December and a lighter vibe in the office- secret Santa, advent calendars and if your boss is really nice some old-school charades. It’s a great feeling for a new employee to have a full month of training, investment and getting to know their new work colleagues prior to the Christmas break.

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