The difficulties of hiring in the current climate

The difficulties of hiring in the current climate

The past few months has seen a complete switch for the recruitment market, from a buoyant and active candidate led market to a very cautious and stagnant marketplace.

As an employer in the Sheffield City Region, what can you do to position yourselves as an employer of choice to a hesitant candidate market?

The past 12 months (and counting) has thrown a lot of obstacles in the way of businesses and their employees. A combination of extended furlough, and a big switch in working patterns and flexibility has made many employees, particularly those that are office based, reassess what they want out of their career.

This has created a shift in the recruitment market from not enough jobs for quality candidates, to not enough quality candidates for jobs in some areas.

Rob Shaw, Managing Director of Glu Recruit

Rob Shaw, Managing Director of Glu Recruit comments: “Job seekers are still optimistic, but they are more cautious about making a move right now due to the uncertainty created by the pandemic and the extension of furlough. As we are only just starting to see light at the end of the tunnel for many, some candidates are finding it too premature to consider moving jobs.

“They may still have problems with their job, such as not being happy with their salary, their commute or a lack of flexibility, but for now they are accepting these problems, with job security far more important to them than stepping into the unknown.

“We are finding that application levels for new jobs are lower than normal, which as a result means a lower quality of applicant for many businesses who are recruiting. Equally, good candidates aren’t hanging around as they are so in demand, so speed is most definitely of the essence for making recruitment decisions.”

What’s the solution for employers?

“Hiring managers and recruiters need to get creative to attract talent in a difficult market. How a job advert sells your company, and its culture is a great start, and can be the difference in attracting the right candidates.

“With candidate demand high, employers need to interview more effectively and sell the opportunity as a whole, including all of the perks on offer and opportunities for future progression. Speed and efficiency in shortlisting, interviewing, and making a final decision is more vital than ever.

“A forward thinking recruitment agency adds significant value when it comes to candidate attraction, selling vacancies, negotiating offers and managing counter offers as they cannot only make sure the candidate starts, but also stays long term with their new employer.

“Recruitment is buoyant in the Sheffield City Region, and it’s great to see an increased confidence from hiring employers.”

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