Wages and Growth Since 2001 – Explained

We’ve got our hands on the latest government wage figures, and have drilled down the data and are ready to give you the movers, shakers and heartbreakers of the Job industries in the UK.

By looking at the average weekly wages from the ten main industries in the united kingdom we have highlighted the largest growing industries and the least from 2001 to now.

Maybe you’re looking for where best to start your new career, looking to see where your current wage might be at or just interested in the job market as a whole, this will be of interest to you.

First, there has been wage growth in every sector, as you would expect in line with inflation, though visualised below are the biggest and smallest percentage growers since 2001.



It is worth pointing out that even jobs on the cold list have grown around 50% since 2001, so it would appear that whatever industry you are getting into will be in a healthier position than in years past.

The full findings are broken down into percentage growth and average UK wage can be found in our table below.

Job IndustryPercentage GrowthAverage Weekly Wage in 2019
Ag, forestry and fishing69.34410
Mining and Quarrying821182
Manufacturing – Food & Tobacco58528
Manufacturing – Textiles73424
Manufacturing – Chemicals71826
Manufacturing – Metals63596
Manufacturing – Engineering67708
Manufacturing – Other55538
Elec, Gas and Water Supply49722
Wholesale Trade55615
Retail, Trade and Repair77342
Transport and Storage65600
Accom and Food Service Activities74258
Information and Communication65877
Financial and Insurance Activities1011272
Real Estate Activities74558
Professional, Scientific and Technical62732
Administrative and Support Service Activities80442
Public Administration56594
Health and Social Work69449
Art, Entertainment and Recreation47390
Other Service Activities61393

As you can see, beyond the financial and possibly oil markets which have grown exponentially, the more traditional markets such as manufacturing and engineering continue to be steady, progressively growing sectors.

If you are a candidate looking to break into these areas, then get in touch and let’s talk about the opportunities we have available for you.

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