What does recruitment look like in 2021?

As we start to plan our journey on the roadmap out of the pandemic, a key question many local businesses owners are facing is, where are their staff going to work?

What does recruitment look like in 2021?

With many employees working remotely for the past 12 months, the traditional office environment seems like a distant memory, so we wanted to find out what employers will be doing to adapt to change as they welcome staff back, and how this stacks up against what employees actually want.

Glu Recruit, ran two surveys on LinkedIn to find out!

Here are the results…

We asked employers in the Sheffield City Region if they will be adapting their working arrangements and allowing for continued flexibility for the employees.

Rob Shaw, Managing Director of Glu Recruit comments: “Firstly, it’s great to see that employers in the region do have a plan for their staff. Despite high levels of unpredictability, forward planning has been essential for business owners throughout the pandemic, none more so than with their staff and recruitment.

“What we have found really interesting, and this is most definitely backed up by what our clients are telling us, is that employers are embracing a more flexible approach to where their staff work, with 64% of respondents saying they will offer a mix of office and home working for their staff.”

After a year of remote working and greater flexibility, does this change what candidates want out of their job, or is the lure of returning to the office and re-connecting physically with colleagues too appealing after all this time away?

Rob adds: “There is a definite correlation from the results with 63% of employees responding to say they desire a mix of both working from the office and working from home.

“The main anomaly around the results is only 8% of employees actually want to work from the office full time, whilst 25% of employers want their staff in the workplace all of the time, so there is an obvious difference in expectation levels here when it comes to offering no flexibility at all.”

How does this shape recruitment in the Sheffield City Region?

Rob concludes: “Employers, it seems, need to adapt to the changes in working habits that have been brought about as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We expect to see an increase in candidates looking for flexible working patterns when they seek new opportunities, so in order to attract and retain the best talent this is something employers need to take seriously. From our survey results, it seems employers are definitely listening as flexible working is here to stay.”

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