What makes someone an Office Hero?

What makes someone an Office Hero?

You may have seen that we have recently opened nominations for Office Heroes 2023. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the event, we’ll start with a recap.

At Glu Recruit, we’re heavily involved with the big awards ceremonies that celebrate the successes of businesses in the region.

What we quickly learned was that there are very few events that celebrate the successes of individuals.

That’s where the idea for Office Heroes originated. We wanted to create a special event that casts these shining stars into the spotlight.

Nominations for this year’s event close at 3pm on Friday 27th October. After this, our expert panel of judges from the business community will come together and whittle the nominations down to 10.

If shortlisted, you and your nominee will be invited to the ceremony on Friday 8th of December at The Cutler’s Hall, Sheffield.

The events have a real magical atmosphere, with complimentary afternoon tea and prosecco as well as quality entertainment and the awards ceremony announcing the winner.

We understand that the name can be confusing. It’s fair enough to assume that we only want to hear about heroes from office backgrounds, but this isn’t true!

We want to hear about all heroes, no matter what industry or department they may work in. It could be your office administrator, finance assistant, marketing executive, IT engineer, sales manager, or warehouse operative.

Here’s what we think makes someone an Office Hero.

Reliability and consistency

Workplace heroes are the bedrock of reliability. Whether it’s meeting deadlines, delivering quality work, or consistently exceeding expectations, these individuals can be counted on day in and day out.

Their reliability establishes a sense of trust among their colleagues – which in turn creates a collaborative and efficient working environment.

Initiative and innovation

Office Heroes have a natural ability to use their own initiative to drive positive change. They’re constantly suggesting innovative solutions to rising problems, spearheading new projects, and actively seeking ways to streamline existing processes.

A true team player

Collaboration is key in a workplace, even for standalone roles. An office hero understands the power of teamwork, be that on a professional or a personal level.

They actively contribute to a positive team dynamic, offering support to colleagues, sharing knowledge, and fostering an environment where everyone’s strengths are recognised and utilised.

Adaptability is key

Office Heroes are able to adapt to challenges, facing them head-on. They thrive in uncertainty and approach these situations with a positive attitude. Their adaptability not only helps them to navigate change but also inspires others to do the same.

Support and mentorship

Having a team that supports one another is crucial. Office Heroes will go above and beyond what’s asked of them, supporting their colleagues with their workloads, should it get too much for them.

They will invest their own time in nurturing the growth of others, be this through training, mentorship or even words of encouragement!

Contagious attitude

Office Heroes bring a contagious enthusiasm to the workplace. They have a real positive attitude that uplifts those around them – a crucial element to any workplace.

Your Office Hero doesn’t need to do all of these things, it’s just a handy guide to get you thinking. You can nominate yours for the simplest of things, from being the best, non-complaining tea maker, to they key organiser of work social events.

The key thing is to make your nomination count. Nominate your Office Hero today by filling out our nomination form and hitting submit.

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